Press release: Consulting company Civitta is stepping into the new stage with all sister companies merging into one

An international consulting company Civitta is rebranding and bringing all sister companies, including the Lithuanian digital development company Mediapark and Estonian digital product studio Singleton, under one unified name and structure. 

The company’s representatives say that this new stage marks an important new era of Civitta that also represents their new approach to business consulting and expanded possibilities for clients.

Adapting to unprecedented challenges

The founder and Group CEO of Civitta, Adam Saulius Vaina, says that the business consulting sector usually feels distant and does not address the needs of nowadays organizations.

„Today we live in more unexpected circumstances than ever before, so every company or organization needs a tailored approach to their unique situations. We are here to challenge the traditional norms of consulting, presenting an international Collaboratory that seamlessly blends digital and advisory services for both public and private clients. We tackle complex challenges through an integrated system of services. I firmly believe that this new era of consulting approach holds the key to building a future-resilient business,“ states Vaina.

He has more than a decade of professional experience in the consulting industry and a track record of serving as an independent Board member of several leading international companies.

Vaina points out that Civitta leads with its own example that challenging times can serve as opportunities for growth. During last year the company expanded into three new markets: Uzbekistan, Hungary, Portugal, and it is an unusual growth for a year marked with a recession.

“As a founder, I am pleased to see that despite our growth and changes, the company remains true to its original mission: providing opportunities for local talent in every country where we operate, enabling them to work with top consulting businesses internationally while staying connected to their communities. This approach has not only benefited our employees but has also led to the establishment of an NGO called the “Center for Economic Recovery in Ukraine” focused on economic policy-making. Additionally, the organization regularly publishes reports on the societal, economic, and regional impacts of the war in Ukraine, as well as the effects of sanctions imposed on Russia,” adds Vaina.

New brand identity

Civitta’s new identity is not merely a visual change but a representation of the company’s intelligent, creative, and witty approach. The rebranding campaign, with the tagline “Question the answer,” aims to position Civitta as a team that challenges the status quo and creatively finds solutions for their clients. 

The Collaboratory approach that lies under the reorganization eliminates the need for clients to navigate multiple teams. Instead, one specialized team handles it all but provides expertise from different domains. 

About Civitta

Civitta is an international consulting and digital company operating in over 20 countries, that brings together a dynamic team of 750+ professionals spread across 30+ offices. Established in 2013, it has its roots in the Baltic region. Through organic growth, mergers, and acquisitions Civitta now is covering the map in CEE and expanding towards the Nordics and Central Asia. 

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