Your new eCommerce product page

Many entrepreneurs and online store owners are not aware of how important is a product page. Think about it – when was the last time you researched homepage of an online store? Have read from the beginning to the end important section “About us” or “News”.

I am, ironic, of course. In today’s ecommerce environment, everything revolves around the product page. It should contain the most important information: about the product, about manufacturing, about quality, about other people’s experience using it, pictures, videos, sales arguments, etc.

Good qualities of sales arguments
are clearly demonstrated

If you think that it is difficult to describe  good qualities of your product, it just means that you have not spent enough time on it. Try to get every unique detail of the product, and once you done that, you don’t have to convince your customer to buy anything, your product will do.

Product in action – picture!

Great, creative and emotional! Your task is to show your products in action – the time of white wallpapers is running out. Instagram has set a new standard in product images, showing products in real life and it takes over the whole e-commerce environment!

Interactive variations,
product usage,
user pictures, images,
reviews, delivery, and…

One of the best product pages you’ve ever seen – this is a must-see! Imagine the sales of this online store if the product costs only a few dollars!

Possibilities of social network advertising are unlimited if you know how to sell the right product at the right time and in the right packaging!

Video, video and
once again – video

If you have a few dozen products and a cell phone, you can definitely make a product video. Imagine your day on social networks without video…

Videos have taken over e-commerce and they are simply needed for even the most popular products and remarketing campaigns. Take a look at this example – there`s nothing too difficult!

Product image – GIF

This example illustrates the benefits of using GIFs in terms of attracting attention. GIF, depending on a video, is a lighter file format and provides faster page loading.

Creating a GIF does not require a video, but at least two product images, which are loaded into one of the GIF generators found on google search, such as gifmaker.meDisadvantages: can not focus attention and specific details. Be sure to use it with product images.

Product Description – Story

If you are trying to sell a product with several zeros, then the story is very important. See how this surfboard master sells the board before it’s ready and creates its story.

Note that the product description includes an Instagram entry with  “Embed” function, which has 164 likes. This builds additional trust in this product and the seller.

Product image – Image photo

Note that this online store does not make its visitors click on the picture to enlarge it – everything “is served”! All you have to do is scroll down and explore!

Sales arguments – good qualities

Shoes also have their own sales arguments and good qualities. It is not necessary for each pair of shoes to make their own “feature” image – use the same brand, model, material for products.

The higher goal:
buy sunglasses and
someone will be given
reading glasses

This is a social sales argument similar to labor protection, charity. Also notice the work done on collecting feedbacks and pictures of Instagram users!